Guinea's new president calls for calm after election violence

The winner of Guinea's highly divisive presidential elections Alpha Conde appealed for calm Thursday and an end to the deadly violence which has flared up across the country since the election result was announced.


REUTERS - The winner of Guinea’s first free presidential election appealed to rivals on Thursday to end violent protests, and a think tank said attacks on civilians by undisciplined troops risked starting a wider ethnic conflict.

Gunshots rang out overnight as security forces clamped down on clashes between former prime minister Cellou Dalien Diallo’s mainly ethnic Peul supporters and the mostly Malinke backers of the poll’s winner, Alpha Conde.
Despite calls for calm from both candidates and from foreign powers, Guinea has suffered three days of violence since Conde was announced winner of a tight race, leading, according to one pan-African rights group, to at least 10 deaths and 200 wounded.
Conde said in an interview with broadcaster France 24 that he understood the frustrations of Diallo’s supporters but added: “I have to make them understand that smashing

houses is not what will help develop the country.”

“Guinea has such challenges that we can’t waste our time in frivolous opposition but each of us should have a common program that is to get Guinea out of this misery.”



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