The Debate

Is Haiti fit to vote?

Cities in ruins, and a raging cholera epidemic. Some might says Haiti is not in the best position to hold an election.. still, this weekend the country's traumatised population goes to the polls to choose a new president.. Is democracy important to Haitiens at this time of unprecedented crisis? Or is it enough of a challenge just surviving day to day? Before we kick off tonights debate lets remind ourselves of the daily struggle for survival in Haiti: Port-au-Prince Laurence Culliver's report



Patrick COULOMBEL, President, Emergency Architects

Adrien TOMARCHIO, Communication & Development Manager, Agence d'Aide à la Coopération Technique Et au Développement (ACTED)

Thomas GONNET, Head of Operations, Action Contre la Faim (Action Against Hunger France)

By phone from Port-au-Prince, Haiti second part

Maeva BAMBUCK, France 24 correspondent

Hosted by Laura BAINES,
Prepared Yi SONG and Bilal TARABEY

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