Is Haiti fit to vote? (second part)

Cities in ruins and a raging cholera epidemic. Some might say Haiti is not in the best position to hold an election. Still, this weekend the country's traumatised population goes to the polls to choose a new president. Is democracy important to Haitians at this time of unprecedented crisis? Or is it enough of a challenge just surviving day to day? Before we kick off tonight’s debate, let’s remind ourselves of the daily struggle for survival in Haiti.



Patrick COULOMBEL, President, Emergency Architects

Adrien TOMARCHIO, Communication & Development Manager, Agence d'Aide à la Coopération Technique Et au Développement (ACTED)

Thomas GONNET, Head of Operations, Action Contre la Faim (Action Against Hunger France)

By phone from Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Maeva BAMBUCK, France 24 correspondent

Hosted by Laura BAINES,
Prepared Yi SONG and Bilal TARABEY

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