The World This Week

THE WORLD THIS WEEK - Friday, January, 21th (part 1)

People across the Arab world have a "malicious grin", and François Picard’s panel knows why. Also, why panda diplomacy is always so successful in Sino-American relations; the reason rich people the world over are sweating over the latest WikiLeaks statement; and what could well be the obituary of Israel’s Labour Party.


On the set :

  • Alison SMALE, Editorial Director, International Herald Tribune
  • Samir AITA, Chief Editor, Edition Arabe - Le Monde Diplomatique, President of Le Cercle des Economistes Arabes
  • Edward CODY, Paris correspondent, Washington Post
  • A. Craig COPETAS, Senior writer, Bloomberg News

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A programme produced by Mounia Ben Aïssa


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