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Thousands of refugees flee Tunisia by sea, tensions over Islamic fundamentalism in Indonesia and the kidnapping of Ronald McDonald in Finland

Derek Thompson presents a news show produced exclusively from content provided by amateurs: photos, videos and personal accounts from our network of Observers around the world - all checked by our staff in Paris. First run Saturdays at 8:10 am Paris time.


Presentation: Lorena Galliot. Editorial Team: Julien Pain, Segolène Malterre, Sarra Grira, Peggy Bruguière and Paul Larrouturou.


We begin today in Tunisia. Since the ouster of President Ben Ali last month, thousands of young Tunisians have been taking to the sea. They're desperate to get to Europe - to find work. And they're willing to pay human traffickers to get them onto a boat. Our Observer has been watching them, from her window.

Observer: Sirine in Zarzis, on the southern coast.


Now to Indonesia... and tensions between Muslim villagers and the members of a Muslim sect called the Ahmadis. Islamic fundamentalism is on the rise in Indonesia, and the Ahmadis say they face increasing persecution. Tensions came to a head in a village west of the capital Jakarta.

Observer: Andreas Harsono in Cikeusik.


Our last Observer today is a member of the "Food Liberation Army". That's a previously unknown group, which recently staged its first political action. The group kidnapped Ronald MacDonald.

Observer: Jani Leionen in Finland.

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