Should "virtuous dictators" be saved?

INTERNATIONAL PAPERS, Thurs., 3/3/2011: Robert Kaplan writing in this morning's Financial Times argues that there is a difference between Gaddafi and more benevolent autocrats such as the Sultan of Oman. Should "virtuous dictators" be saved? Do they do more good than harm? Also in the Financial Times, how likely are Arab monarchies to be affected by the "winds of change"? The Guardian leads with Libya and the prospect of civil war. It's G2 supplement looks at anti-Semitism in today's society.


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Some articles from today’s international press review:
The Guardian:  “Is this the start of civil war?”
Financial Times: ‘Arab monarchs nervously watch Morocco’
Financial Times: ‘Why the world needs virtuous autocrats’
The Guardian: ‘The hatred that refuses to go away’

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