Christian Dior’s Nazi niece

INTERNATIONAL PAPERS, Fri., 5/3/2011: Dior did not hesitate to fire head designer John Galliano for an anti-Semitic rant caught on camera. Yet, the founder’s niece married Britain’s top Nazi in 1963. French media cover all angles of this controversy. Also, Daily Beast provides a list of “top 10 quotes” from Colonel Gaddafi’s infamous Green Book.



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Some articles from today’s French press review:
USA Today: No-fly zone in Libya holds more risks than rewards
The Daily Beast: Top 10 quotes from Gaddafi’s Green Book
The Guardian: LSE head quits over Gaddafi scandal
The Guardian: For the LSE, in thrall to a dictator, Gaddafi was pure roast duck
Rue89: Video footage ofChristian Dior’s niece Françoise Dior marrying the head of the British Nazi party in 1963.
Le Monde: John Galliano’s firing is “an opportunistic move by an opportunistic brand”


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