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LIVE: Western coalition launches attack on Libya

The US, UK, France, Canada and Italy have begun attacks targeting Libya’s anti-aircraft defences, just hours after world leaders agreed to take action against Muammar Gaddafi’s regime during crisis talks in Paris. Follow events live on France24.


Latest developments:

* Colonel Gaddafi said the Mediterranean was now a battleground and threatened to attack civilian and military targets across the region.

* A five-country coalition led by the US, UK and France has begun military action against Libyan targets, with some 100 cruise missiles fired at Libya.

* French jets have opened fire and destroyed a military vehicle in Libya, a defence spokesperson has reported. President Sarkozy announced the military action at a press conference earlier Saturday.

* Sarkozy’s statement to the press came after world leaders, including British PM David Cameron, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and various Arab leaders, met in Paris to hold crunch talks on the crisis in Libya. World leaders agreed to enforce the UN resolution at the meeting.

* Reports emerged this morning of a  fighter plane being shot down over Benghazi. Photos and video show the jet above the city falling through the sky in flames.


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