“We can’t let Gaddafi assassinate his people”

FRENCH PAPERS, Mon. 21/03/11, French-led foreign air strikes on Libya dominate the headlines in France. Several editorials say France had to step in and stop an impending blood bath. The key to success is helping the rebels get organized, say the papers. France’s leading role in the intervention marks the big return of French diplomacy. Meanwhile, the ruling UMP party gets a “slap in the face” in this weekend’s local elections.


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Some articles from today’s French press review:


Libération: Editorial: “Under Pressure”


Libération: Interview with Rony Brauman : “I don’t believe in air raids”


Le Figaro: Editorial: “Libya: the role of the rebels”


France soir: Editorial




Les Echos: “France leads the way”


Le Parisien: “After Gaddafi: five big risks”


France Soir: “Slap in the face for the UMP”


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