“War rains down in Libya”

INTERNATIONAL PAPERS, Mon. 21/03/11As operation “Odessey Dawn” gets underway, Simon Tisdall warns in The Guardian that the war has gotten personal, it’s a ‘fight to the death’ and ‘Gaddafi will not go quietly’.Meanwhile, The Independent wonders what will come after Gaddafi, should he fall. Press in the Arab World is divided: some newspapers are greeting the foreign intervention with open arms while others are crying out against what they call colonialism.



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Some articles from today’s international press review:
The Guardian : “Libya conflict: war on Gaddafi is personal – and he is unlikely to retreat.”  
The Guardian: “A war with sobering precedents”
The Guardian: “Shifting sands”
The Independent: “Gaddafi cannot hold out. But who will replace him?”
AlSharq Al Awssat : القصف يشل الطيران الليبي والقذافي يوزع الأسلحة
“Libyan Aviation paralyzed by Western strikes, Gaddafi hands out weapons.”
Al-Quods Al Arabi مصيدة الحظر الجوي
"Fly Trap"


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