This week: Tuareg nomads in Libya, protests in Croatia and bear-baiting in Pakistan

This week our Observers tell us about Tuareg nomads fleeing the fighting in Libya, peaceful anti-government protests in Croatia, and the brutal practice of bear baiting in Pakistan.


Presentation: Derek Thomson. Editorial team: Julien Pain, Lorena Galliot, Ségolène Malterre, Sarra Grira, Paul Larrouturou, Cécile Loïal.

STORY 1: Libya - Niger

We begin today with the unrest in Libya, and a story that's had very little coverage. Hundreds of thousands of refugees have fled the country, most of them foreign workers heading west to Tunisia or east to Egypt. But there's a potential crisis in the south too, deep in the Sahara desert. Tens of thousands of Tuareg nomads, looking for a new home.

Observer:  Assan Midal.


Next up, another would-be revolution. Frustrated young people, using Facebook and Twitter to organize, angry about corruption and unemployment… it sounds like the revolutions under way in the middle east. But this time it's in Europe.

Observer: Mario Bajkuša.


Finally today, a colonial tradition that's refusing to die out. The blood sport of bear-baiting was brought to Pakistan by the British. It's officially banned. But our Observer tells us it's still popular with landowners who want to show off to their people.

Observer: Jan Schmidt-Burbach (WSPA)



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