"UMP falls on its face, National Front digs in its heels"

FRENCH PAPERS, Mon. 28/03/11, Round two of the local elections, les cantonales, are on the front cover of all the newspapers in France.



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Sunday’s vote confirms round one last weekend: the far-right is gaining ground on the political front. The ruling UMP is blaming the record abstention rate (55%) and trying to play down any broader significance of the local elections. However, the Socialist party, the big winner of the vote, is saying that the cantonales are a bellwether for the 2012 presidential vote.
Some articles from today’s French press review:
Libaration: “After the battle” 
Le Parisien: “Settling in”
20 minutes: “UMP does a face plant while the Front National digs in its heels”
France Soir: “Marine is all smiles while Nicolas is in tears”
L’Humanité: “Devastated Landscape”
Les Echos: “The cantonales herald turbulent skies for Nicolas Sarkozy”
Le Figaro: “The left gains ground, the right limits the damage”
France Soir: “Johnny is still the boss”

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