India v Pakistan: "war and peace"

INTERNATIONAL PAPERS: Wed., 30/3/2011: Syria and Libya are still front page news, but not in India or Pakistan where papers are dominated by the cricket World Cup semi-final between the two countries. We finish with Ed Miliband’s changing musical tastes: Kylie or Beethoven?



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Some articles from today’s international press review:
Times of India (New Delhi edition): “War and Peace”
Times of India: “As pitch drama unfolds, PMs to talk shop”
Dawn (Pakistan): “Half-day holiday”
The Guardian: Muammar Gaddafi's exit hindered by UN resolution, law experts warn
The Guardian: From the Turks to Assad: to us Syrians it is all brutal colonialism
The Independent: High-street Ken’s diary (with details of Ed Miliband’s fluctuating musical tastes…)

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