“Night falls on Abidjan”

INTERNATIONAL PAPERS, Fri. 08/04/11, According to the Independent, a bloody showdown seems inevitable in Ivory Coast. Meanwhile, the Guardian looks at the Christian right’s support of Laurent Gbagbo. The International Herald Tribune focuses on who the Libyan rebels actually are, calling them a ‘hapless bunch’ with little fighting experience. Finally O Dia attempts to figure out what could have lead to the worst school massacre in Brazil’s history.


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Some articles from today’s international press review:
The Independent: “Removal of the old leader will do nothing to heal a bleeding nation torn in half”
The Guardian“Unlikely Allies”
L'Observateur Paalga: Editorial
International Herald Tribune: “Libyan Rebels Don’t Really Add Up to an Army”
O Dia: Shy, quiet, liked to keep to himself

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