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Gbagbo arrested “with French help and a slap” (The Guardian)

TUESDAY, 12/4/2011: “Humiliating”, “stripped of dignity”, “highly symbolic”… papers in Africa and around the world agree that scenes of Gbagbo’s arrest yesterday were mortifying… even comparable to the fall of Saddam Hussein. We also look at analysis of France’s role in the events.


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Some articles from today’s international papers:
Slate Afrique: Likens the arrest to Saddam Hussein
The Independent: Gbagbo: Stripped of dignity, stripped of power
The Independent: “A success for France’s army but a failure of its diplomacy”
The Guardian: Laurent Gbagbo's humiliating fall
The Guardian: Sarkozy’s meticulously planned intervention could win votes 
L’Observateur Paalga: Gbagbo arrêté, qu’importe par qui (Gbagbo arrested, it doesn’t matter by whom)

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