With the wedding over, now 'the party can really begin!'

After being glued to big screen TVs in the pubs and bars across the capital for the royal wedding, revellers in London's gay district have spilled out onto the streets and now "the party can really begin".


in London

In the heart of London's Soho the party is in full swing. The crowds that had all gathered round big screen TVs in neighbourhood pubs and bars to enjoy the ceremony and parade have all spilled out onto the capital's streets to party the night away.


Now that the Prince finally has his Princess, "the party can really begin," as one reveller says.

Soho is London's gay district and is famous for its bars and clubs. On the approach, girls dance by waving flags and singing the national anthem, prompting a huge cheer from the crowds milling round the streets. The sound of dance music fills the air as more and more revellers arrive to join the party.

At the Duke of Wellington Pub on Wardour Street, several drag queens spruced up in wedding dresses that could possibly put Her Royal Highness Princess William of Wales - Kate Middleton's new title - to shame, happily strike poses with members of the crowd.

The 'brides', enjoying the early evening sunshine, are all in high spirits and happy for the couple, though one does say, "It should have been me!"

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