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“Conspiracy theories thrive on lack of proof”

INTERNATIONAL PRESS, Tues., 3/5/2011: We look at the debate surrounding photographic evidence of the operation. Also, the New York Times provides a peek behind the scenes in the White House Situation Room as the operation to take out Osama Bin Laden took place. “Obama remained stony-faced…Joe Biden fingered his rosary beads.” These and other articles in the American media this morning…


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Some articles from today’s international press review:
New York Times: “Behind the hunt for Bin Laden”
The Washington Post: U.S. cautious on releasing proof of bin Laden’s death
Metro: “Osama bin Laden: Conspiracy theories thrive on lack of proof”
Huffington Post: “The pain goes on”
Slate: “Now what? Not just a figurehead” by Fred Kaplan
Foreign Policy: “Obama bin WHO?”
New Yorker: “Was killing Bin Laden legal?”
The Daily Beast: “The GOP’s 2012 Jitters”

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