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M16 sent terrorist suspects to Gaddafi's prisons

By: Elena CASAS
1 min

Tuesday's papers contain more embarrassing reading for British officials - with revelations they sent terrorism suspects to Gaddafi's prisons. Also, who profited from the fear that followed 9/11, and why what you tweet could get you jailed in Mexico.


The Telegraph looks at the case of Abdel Hakim Belhadj - who wants to sue the British government, saying they handed him over to be tortured in a Tripoli prison.

The Guardian takes a look at how private security companies profited from 9/11.

On the day of a general strike in Italy, La Repubblica pulls no punches - saying no-one is behind the wheel and Italy is set to career off an economic cliff.

And in Mexico's La Jornada - an appeal to free the Twitter two, jailed for 'terrorist acts' - tweeting about kidnappings.

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