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'Whatever the UN says, we will still live under occupation'

In Monday's international press, we take a look at what Palestinians think of the UN statehood bid, what the Greek papers are making of fresh austerity measures, and what the Irish press have to say about Martin McGuinness.


Lebanese paper L'Orient Le Jour says the UN has a historic opporuntity this week to right the wrongs done to Palestinians - and make up for decades of humiliation.

The Washington Post has been to speak to Palestinians, though - and few of them believe it will make much difference.

Greek paper To Vima has an exclusive on just how far the Greek government is set to go with its new slate of austerity measures - cutting 100,000 more jobs.

The Guardian, though, says we'll get nowhere unless we acknowledge this isn't a crisis of the euro - it's a crisis of capitalism.

And the Irish Independent is horrified at Martin McGuinness' decision to run for the Irish presidency.

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