Slovenia's government falls after confidence vote

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The centre-left government of Slovenian Prime Minister Borut Pahor fell Tuesday after a no-confidence vote in parliament, paving the way for early elections in the small eurozone country.


AP - Slovenia’s left-leaning government has been ousted in a confidence vote in parliament.

The ouster pushes the small eurozone nation into further political instability during Europe’s debt crisis.

Prime Minister Borut Pahor’s government faced the motion after months of disagreements between ruling coalition partners and several resignations of Cabinet ministers.

The opposition has accused the government of corruption and mishandling of the economy.

The vote Tuesday in the 90-seat assembly was 51 against the government and 36 for. Other lawmakers abstained or were absent.

The political deadlock could jeopardize Slovenia’s contribution to the European rescue fund for other debt-strapped eurozone nations.

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