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Sarkozyism in custody

Nicolas Sarkozy's choice of friends is causing him problems in today's newspapers - two of them have been arrested on suspicion of brokering dodgy deals to fund election campaigns with illegal kickbacks from arms deals.


Le Parisien looks at two men close to Nicolas Sarkozy, who were arrested yesterday for allegedly channelling illegal kickbacks from arms deals to Pakistan into the campaign accounts of former Prime minister Edouard Balladur. Sarkozy supported Balludur when the latter ran against Jacques Chirac in the 1995 presidential election.

Liberation says that as the campaign finance scandals involving suitcases, shipments and envelopes of cash build up around Sarkozy, the question is: how much longer he can hold on?

And back in Le Parisien, another scandal - over whether French pharmaceutical firm Servier lied about the side effects of its drugs.

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