The Debate

Can Germany save Europe? Merkel's moment of truth (part 2)

Between what Angela Merkel says now and what she actually will do in the end, CDU and Green Party lawmakers lock horns over the honest intentions of Germany’s government on Greece and enhanced powers for Europe in tackling the eurozone crisis.

  • Franziska BRANTNER, Member of the European Parliament, Greens-European Free Alliance group. From Freiburg, Germany;
  • Markus FERBER, Member of the Bureau, Group of the European People's Party (Christian Democrats). From Strasbourg;
  • Elsa LE GOFF, Coordinator for European issues, Terra Nova think tank;
  • Stéphane COSSE, Former Senior Economist at the IMF and President of the French MoDem party for Paris;
  • Eoin O’BROIN, Chief Economic Adviser to Sinn Féin. From Dublin.

Watch the first part here.

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