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'Why doesn't France love its youth?'

Eva Joly is back on all France's front pages today - as the Green presidential candidate continues to make life difficult for Socialist François Hollande. The papers also ask why France doesn't care more about its unemployed youth, and look at tomorrow's elections in Morocco.


Le Figaro says the Green party are regretting picking Eva Joly as a presidential candidate - while Liberation calls her hopelessly amateurish, and says that by attacking the Socialists, she's doing the right's work for them.

Le Monde's survey reveals 63% of over 30s think the young are egotistical and 54% think they're lazy - the paper says this isn't very fair, given the state of the job market.

La Croix focuses on Morocco's upcoming election - saying a big chunk of voters plan to boycott the ballot box.

And Le Parisien looks at the secret history of Merkozy - do the French and German leaders actually get on?

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