From the archives: Caught in the crossfire in Colombia

On April 28 a team of Colombian commandos set out to destroy a secret drugs lab in the jungle. FRANCE 24 reporter Romeo Langlois joined them to record the mission. The patrol was ambushed and four soldiers were killed. Langlois was taken hostage by the FARC and held for 33 days.


Roméo Langlois, who was released by the FARC on May 30, filmed a documentary about the battle just before his capture by the rebels. The 26-minute-long video shows the army leaving for their mission, the aerial bombings, the ambush by the FARC and the death of the sergeant whose mission was to protect the reporter.

Our journalist suffered an injury to his arm. He surrendered to the guerrillas, who held him hostage for over a month. Langlois described his experience.

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