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This show is made up entirely of amateur images. We've seen time and time again how images captured by ordinary citizens then uploaded onto the Web can change history, or at least shift the balance of power. This week, we take a look back at some of those moments.


We’re going to start out by showing you images that come straight from a jail cell.. they were taken by university students who were locked up for taking part in a protest. As you’ll see, they managed to smuggle a mobile phone into their cell.. with it, they took photos and videos that they were able to leak onto the Internet - BEFORE the authorities even let them out!

Our Observer in LEE-bre-vill, Edvine Ballack Obama, tells us what happened…

Story 1 : Saudi Arabia

There are wild animals locked up in zoos all over the world -… but some cages are worse than others… One of our Observers in Sow-di Arabia, Laylah, filmed and photographed the “Abu Jarra zoo” in Ree-AWED … In her blog, she nicknamed it « the zoo of horrors.

Story 2 : United States

Outrage is growing in New York City over the police’s use of a method called: “stop and frisk”… this allows police officers to search anyone they find suspicious…
According to our Observer – AND to the police department’s statistics – those who are stopped are overwhelmingly BLACK and LATINO… Our Observer says HE gets stopped ALL the time.

Next up, a look at some of the images sent in this week by our Observers.

Story 3 : Togo

We head to Low-MAY, the capital of Togo, with our Observer Frederic Attipou. Frederic sent us a video he filmed during a protest by the opposition. He told us that this young man wasn’t even among the protesters. He was just walking down the street, minding his own business – and, unfortunately for him, ran into these police officers. Our Observer tells us this brutal behaviour is typical of the police in his country.

Story 4 : China

We head to a school near Beijing, with our Observer, Sui. He spotted these photos on a Chinese social network.. These little ones are begging the local authorities to let them go to school. In China, a child has to be a native of the region they live in to enrol in the school system. This policy is meant to curb internal migration - but it ends up hurting the children of migrant workers, many of whom end up not getting ANY education at all.

Story 5 : Gabon

We head to LEE-bre-vill, in GaBAWN, with Edvine Ballack Obama. Edvine is a university student who was locked up in a tiny, dark and filthy jail cell for two whole days. He and 20 other students were detained by the military police for trying to hold a rally… they were angry over university reforms. The young protesters managed to sneak a mobile phone into their cell – and took a few photos and videos. These images created outrage in GaBAWN. Many were shocked to see the harsh conditions these men were held under…

That’s all for this week – as always you can find more reports from our Observers on our website, on our Facebook and Twitter pages, and on our Iphone app.
See you next time!


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