Haute Couture Fall-Winter 2012/2013

Haute Couture Fashion Week Fall-Winter 2012/2013 #Day 1


A special report from Paris fashion week presenting next winter’s haute couture collections. First stop : Dior. After spending a chaotic year preparing for the succession of John Galliano, the house of Dior finally presented, before a Hollywood-studded audience, the first collection by its new creative director Raf Simons. The talented ambassador of the Belgian school of design accepted the offer from the prestigious luxury fashion house.
The avant-garde minimalist has shied away from provocation for nearly 20 years. Insead, he displays an unabashed love for the 50s era.
Each model was inspired by the Dior Tailleur Bar and its exaggerated emphasis of the hips. Modern interpretations of the New Look, 60 years after it entered the fashion vocabulary.
Now over to Place Vendome. Pierce Brosnan was among the celebrities who attended the catwalk show staged by Atelier Versace. Donatella, the sister of Gianni Versace, who passed away in 1997, has breathed new life into his haute couture workshops. Presenting experimental pieces like a double silk print superposed with transparent plastic cut into thin bandages to be later reconstructed. A model worn by Donatella herself.
It’s also about revival and renewal for the young designer Christophe Josse. He played with crepe and crocodile skin. By purifying his lines, he has found his equation.
And under the walls of flowers at the Dior presentation, the entire team from the magazine US Vogue ponders over this very incantation.

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