Rebels and Assad’s forces face-off in Zabadani

2 min

A special video report from our correspondent in the village of Zabadani, which has seen fierce fighting between President Bashar al-Assad’s forces and the rebel Free Syrian Army.


from our correspondant in Zabadani

It's 7am in Zabadani, a village close to Damascus, and the first mortar of the day strikes. This will be the first of many mortars to rain down on this small community.

However, rebel commander Mahmoud Rahme is ready for a face-to-face fight.

“Those who want to fight must come here! They are cowards and dogs - they just bark orders into their walky-talkies,” Rahme argues.

Despite the bravado, Syrian forces have pushed the rebels back and many rebel-held areas are now under the army’s control.


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