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Syria's past and present

The French newspapers focus on international news today – particularly Syria. Libération reports on Aleppo, suspended between survival and a final assault. Le Parisien reports on the latest major defection from the Syrian forces – it’s the country’s first astronaut to travel in space. Staying in the Middle East, we look at a report on a less violent but longer-standing conflict in the West Bank.


Syrians have managed to brave the continuing fighting in and around Aleppo for long enough to shout brief slogans condemning President Bashar al-Assad, before they flee to safety. Libération reports on the ill-equipped rebels and their need for more help from the West.

Military pilot Mohamed Ahmed Faris defected over the weekend, and joined the Free Syrian Army. According to Le Parisien, he is one of 20 generals to leave the forces in recent months.

L’Humanité leads with a Palestinian family who watches helplessley as Jewish settlers occupy hilltops and damage farmland. A Palestinian woman went to investigate stolen animals, but returned with injuries and Israeli soldiers accompanied settlers to deliver a warning that they were not to meddle again.

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