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The Debate

Revolt of the French 'pigeons' (part 2)

Could a flock of pigeons reshape French attitudes to business? French slang for "fall guys", the pigeons have proven their point and got the government to back down on new capital gains taxes for small business. François Picard’s panel looks at the pros and cons of starting a company in a no-growth economy.

  • Marie EKELAND. Co-founder, France Digitale;
  • Stéphane DEHOCHE. President and CEO, Neolane;
  • Corinne NARASSIGUIN. MP, French citizens abroad (North America);
  • Mark DEEN. Journalist, Bloomberg News;
  • Romain RANCIERE. Professor of economics, Paris School of Economics (from Washington).

Produced François Picard, Anelise Borges, Mary Colombel, Isabelle Sarton du Jonchay.

Watch the first part here.

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