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Egypt's ElBaradei slams 'illegitimate' constitution

Egyptian opposition figure Mohamed ElBaradei is hopeful forthcoming parliamentary elections will give secular and liberal opposition groups greater voice in rewriting a Muslim Brotherhood-backed constitution he said was “intrinsically illegitimate”.


Mohamed ElBaradei, one of the leading figures in Egypt’s opposition National Salvation Front, has said his supporters will challenge the legality of the country’s new constitution that was pushed through by Islamists led by President Mohamed Morsi.

In an exclusive interview with FRANCE 24, the Nobel Peace Prize laureate and former chief inspector of the International Atomic Energy Agency said the constitution was “intrinsically illegitimate”.

“People are beginning to realise that Egypt’s salvation is not just through religious slogans from another authoritarian system,” ElBadarei said.

Heavily tilted towards the Muslim Brotherhood’s Islamist agenda, the constitution claimed a majority of voters in a referendum, but has yet to be approved by judges. ElBaradei did not contest the results of the poll.

Egypt will vote in parliamentary elections in early 2013, a vote in which ElBaradei said he was confident the liberal and secular opposition groups would gain a majority and be able to re-write the constitution.

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