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'Nationalists or Islamists?'

INTERNATIONAL PAPERS, Weds. 15/01/13: In the International Herald Tribune, Peter Rutland says the core of the conflict in Mali is the nationalist secession movement of the Tuareg people. Meanwhile, The Wall Street Journal says Islamabad is in chaos. Also, China Daily says authorities should learn lessons from other cities like London on how to fight pollution. And the Independent leaks details of Barack Obama’s upcoming inauguration.


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Some articles from today’s international press review: 

INTERNATIONAL HERALD TRIBUNE: “Nationalists or Islamists?”

INDEPENDENT: “As long as the cash rolls in, the West appears untroubled by Gulf monarchies’ ideology”

DAWN: “Asma sees conspiracy behind SC order”

WALL STREET JOURNAL (Asia): “Islamabad in Chaos”

GUARDIAN: “A Vindication for Christians”

CHINA DAILY: “Learning the lessons of industrialization”

INDEPENDENT: “Barack and Michelle invite you to the inauguration”

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