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Tunisia: 'They want to kill the revolution'

Most French papers lead on Tunisia. L'Humanité argues democracy is at threat. Le Figaro urges a national unity government. And Libération has an interview with Faouzia Charfia, a member of the opposition Al-Joumhouri party, who says the ruling Islamist party Ennahda is responsible for the current political violence. That, and "Taubiramania" in France's gay marriage debate, are the focus.


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Some articles from today’s look at the French papers:

L'HUMANITE:  'Ils veulent tuer la révolution'

LE FIGARO EDITORIAL: 'La Tunisie, miroir des dérives du Printemps Arabe' 'Tunisia mirrors 'Arab Spring' drift'

LIBERATION: 'Ennahda tente de s'imposer comme un pouvoir totalitaire' 'Ennahda seeking totalitarian power'

LE MONDE: 'Mariage gay, le naufrage d'un débat' 'Gay marriage debate sinks to lows'

LE PARISIEN-AUJOURD'HUI-EN-FRANCE: 'Taubira transfigurée' 'Justice Minister Christiane Taubira transfigured'

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