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Italy: Berlusconi and Grillo bite Bersani in the rear end

INTERNATIONAL PAPERS, Tues. 26/02/13: Italian elections are in the spotlight. With the Senate likely to end up in a stalemate, La Stampa says Italy in ungovernable. Other papers focus on the candidates: "Flop for Monti", says La Republicca, "Boom for Grillo" says Il Messaggero. Meanwhile, Il Giornale says Berlusconi was the man of the hour - not surprising, since he owns the daily. Also, the Guardian says the Catholic Church has a "problem with sex".


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Some articles from today’s international press review: 

IL GIORNALE:‘Berlusconi blocks the left’

LA STAMPA:‘Without a majority, Italy is ungovernable'

IL MESSAGGERO: ‘Boom for Grillo’

LA REPUBBLICA: ‘Flop for Monti’

CORRIERE DELLA SERA: Berlusconi and Grillo bite Bersani in the rear end

GUARDIAN: 'Catholic Church: Cardinal Errors'

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