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Controversial rapper cancels Bataclan concerts

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Brett Kavanaugh hearings: Trump challenges Supreme Court nominee's accuser

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#THE 51%

One is not enough: China to encourage people to have more children

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A Pulitzer Prize-winning 'Trajectory': Richard Russo on writing small town America

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#TECH 24

Hacking the body, and the mind: The future of connected humanity

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Colombia: Cursed by coca in Catatumbo

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Britain’s Labour Party: No home for Jews?

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Outfoxed: The mystery of the ‘Croydon Cat Killer’

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Backstage at the Moulin Rouge

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An in-depth look at the political and social events shaping France. Every Friday at 5.45 pm Paris time.

Latest update : 2013-04-05

Toulouse gunman case: intelligence failings brought to light

Almost a year after gunman Mohamed Merah went on a killing spree in south-western France, the Interior Minister admits the intelligence services could have done more to prevent the violence. Next, the government says ready-made meals, withdrawn from shops because they contain horse meat, could be given to charities to feed the poor. Finally, we bring you a report on a French designer who is a huge hit with celebrities: Roland Mouret.

By Claire PRYDE , Joanna COCKERELL , Stéphanie CHEVAL



2018-09-14 FRANCE IN FOCUS

From crowdfunding to lottery tickets: How to save French heritage?

This week, we're at the Hôtel Dieu de Château Thierry, an ancient hospital, to talk about French heritage and its ailments! While France is famed for its grand old monuments,...

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2018-09-07 FRANCE IN FOCUS

The search for France's second-hand treasures

France is famous for its luxury boutiques and designer brands, but it's also one of the top destinations for second-hand shopping. We head to Lille for the annual flea market...

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2018-08-31 FRANCE IN FOCUS

Back to school: What's on the French curriculum this year?

France's long summer holidays have finally drawn to a close and "la rentrée" is upon us: it’s back-to-school time! But this year, for many students, there will be some...

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2018-07-27 FRANCE IN FOCUS

Discovering Nîmes, the French Rome

In this week's edition, we're exploring what remains of the heritage left behind in France by the Romans. This brings us to the southern city of Nîmes, which displays plenty of...

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2018-07-20 FRANCE IN FOCUS

A closer look at France's World Cup victory

After France's stunning World Cup victory, we take a closer look at the phenomenon of Les Bleus. Who are the French national team and how did they get to the top of world...

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