The World This Week

The World This Week - March 15th, 2013

Did the International Criminal Court's indictment actually help Uhuru Kenyatta in his run for Kenya's presidency? François Picard's panel looks at an ICC badly weakened by the verdict from the ballot box there. Also, a look at the new Pope and the established order at the Vatican; and change in China with the president deploying his wife on the world stage.

  • Patrick Smith, Editor in Chief, The Africa Report;
  • Craig Copetas, Correspondent-at-large, Quartz/The Atlantic Group;
  • Ulrike Koltermann, Journalist and author of “Spaziergänge in Rom” ('A Walking Tour of Rome');
  • Leela Jacinto, International news reporter, France 24.

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Produced by Paul Maakad, Valériane Gauthier, Molly Hall

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