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The Debate

Tough love for Cyprus

Wall Street had its Lehman moment. Is Europe having its Laiki moment? Winding down Cyprus’ second largest bank is only the start of it for a Europe that often seems daunted by its financial imbalances.

  • Costas LAPAVITSAS. Professor of Economics at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS). Author, "Crisis in the Eurozone" (from London);
  • Thomas KLAU. Head of the Paris Bureau, European Council on Foreign Relations;
  • Jean Paul BETBEZE. President, "Betbèze Conseil". Former Chief Economist, Crédit Agricole;
  • Andrea D'AMBRA. Member, Beppe Grillo's "5 Star movement". Former candidate for the Italian legislative elections.
  • Nathalie SAVARICAS. France 24 Correspondent (from Nicosia).

Produced by François Picard, Anelise Borges, Claire Williams, Christopher Davis.

Watch the second part here.

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