The Debate

Kremlin crackdown: Putin tightens the screws (part 2)

Last year’s unprecedented protests against Vladimir Putin may be a fading memory, but the swoop against non-governmental organisations seems to indicate a tightening of the screws. François Picard’s panel argues over the motives and timing.

  • Sasha KOULAEVA, Head of the Eastern Europe and Central Asia Desk, International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH);
  • George Frederick JEWSBURY, Historian (Russia and Eastern Europe), Associate Researcher at CERCEC;
  • Douglas HERBERT, International Affairs Editor, France 24;
  • Natalia NAROCHNITSKAYA, President, Institute for Democracy and Cooperation and Former member, State Duma of the Russian Federation (2003-2007).

    Watch the first part

    Programme prepared and produced by Christoper Davis, Anelise Borges and Mary Colombel

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