The Debate

Tax the rich, Act II

Sparks fly when François Hollande’s plan to plough ahead with a plan to tax the super-rich gets even just a mention. However, the revised plan may be the spoonful of sugar that makes the real medicine go down - a bill to loosen France’s famously stringent labour laws.

  • Philip CORDERY. Socialist Party Member of the French Parliament;
  • Felix MARQUARDT. CEO, Marquardt and Marquardt. Member, "Barrez-vous!" movement;
  • Thomas CARBONNIER. Business & Tax Lawyer, Equity Avocats;
  • Philippe MOREAU CHEVROLET. Columnist, Nouvel Observateur; Founder of MCBG Conseil.

Produced by François Picard, Anelise Borges, Mark Thompson, Christopher Davis.

Watch the second part here.

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