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Cahuzac's disgrace: slap in the face to Hollande's promise for a squeaky-clean government

FRENCH PAPERS, Weds. 03/04/13: French papers seem to have the wind knocked out of them after the former budget minister admitted he had a secret bank account in Switzerland. Libération says this discredits politicians in general. Le Figaro says it comes as a slap in the face to François Hollande’s promise for a squeaky-clean government. Meanwhile, Mediapart, the website that broke the scandal, is trying to find out if the government knew about the account and was trying to protect Cahuzac.


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Some articles from today’s French press review:

LIBERATION: Cahuzac’s lies discredit politicians in general
LE FIGARO: The pot calling the kettle black
MEDIAPART: Was this a one man’s failing or a state scandal?
HUFFINGTON POST: Government comes under fire for its handling of the scandal 

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