The Debate

Hollande vows to 'moralise' politics (part 2)

An ambitious plan to tackle corruption or a panic move? François Hollande's answer to the corruption scandal that's rocked his government is a series of measures that target both politicians... and the banks where they keep their money.

  • Valérie RABAULT, Socialist Member of the French parliament
  • Jacques MYARD, UMP (Conservatives) Member of the French parliament
  • Agnès MICHEL, French Green Party spokesperson on economics, co-author of "La démocratie près de chez vous - Pour une 6e République des territoires"
  • Peter GUMBEL, Journalist, Time Magazine and Author of "France has got talent". Forthcoming May 2013

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Produced by Christopher Davis, Valériane Gauthier, Anelise Borges

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