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'How old is old?'

Hollande's announcement he'll make life hell for tax havens is on most front pages, including Libération which has doubts about new measures. The Huffington Post says that while Hollande is portraying himself as a pioneer in 'moralising' French political life, not all of his initiatives are new. And there is a 'Salon for Seniors' - a trade fair for the elderly - which grabs Le Parisien's attention. Join us for this press review.



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Some articles from today’s international press review:
Libération leads on François Hollande’s measures to ‘moralise’ political life here in France. He vows to eradicate tax havens.
Its editorial argues that we've seen it all before.
The French edition of the Huffington Post is asking whether Hollande is really being a pioneer. It concludes that yes, but only in part.
La Depeche du Midi reports on its phone interview with the disgraced former Budget Minister Jérôme Cahuzac at the centre of France’s latest political scandal.
Le Parisien-Aujourd’hui-en-France reports on the PSG defeat to Barcelona and on a trade fair for ‘seniors’ asking ‘How old is old ?’
Its cartoon is right in tune with the current mood about the Cahuzac scandal: an old bloke says to one guy you've got to have a Swiss Rolex watch by the time you're 50 or you haven't made it and his mate reples ‘yeah but if you’re 60 and have a secret Swiss bank account then you are done for’.


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