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'Street warfare in Paris: Thatcher vs Sands'

Le Figaro says Hollande has not done enough to put out the fire of the Cahuzac tax evasion scandal. Some MPs - on left and right - are baulking at one measure: greater disclosure of financial assets. Le Parisien, meanwhile, looks at political lies past and present. And there's street warfare in Paris: one right-wing elected official wants a street named after Margaret Thatcher, a Communist counterpart says 'Non'. He wants one named after Irish Republican hunger striker Bobby Sands.



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Le Figaro says President François Hollande faces parliamentary opposition from certain MPs to his demand for full disclosure of financial assets in the wake of the Cahuzac scandal.
Le Parisien-Aujourd’hui-en-France asks ‘Are we all liars’? and concludes ‘Yes,on average twice a day’ though honesty from politicians should be the minimum.
La Croix leads on the crisis on the Korean peninsula saying Washington and Beijing are in a stand-off, using tension to further their own interests which is greater influence across Asia.
And back to Le Figaro which reports on a request for a rue Margaret Thatcher from one elected official in Paris. That’s been rebuffed by a Communist politician who wants a rue Bobby Sands.


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