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The Economist: 'What the world needs now is more Thatcherism, not less'

Venezuela is about to elect a new post-Chavez leader. Barring a major upset it will be his heir apparent Nicolas Maduro. On Korea, an analysis in the Jakarta Post argues Beijing has been getting it wrong in its relationship with Pyongyang. Still with Asia, we look at bird flu concerns in China itself. And, The Economist hails the late UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher as a 'freedom fighter'.



Get the France 24 press review on your iPhone or become a fan on Facebook. Some articles from today’s international press review:
Venezuela’s Ultimas Noticias leads on a quote from opposition leader Henrique Capriles that ‘A new era will begin for the country on Monday’
The Australian paper The Age describes Venezuela’s election campaign as unusual with an appearance by Chavez no less in the form of a bird: ‘Favourite looks to a tweet success’. That’s tweet, tweet not the online network.
The Caracas correspondent for Britain’s The Guardian says Capriles has no chance up against the ‘ghost’ of Chavez.
Indonesia’s Jakarta Post has an analysis on Korean tension: ‘North Korea’s step too far?’
The South China Morning Post looks at the economic impact of the latest bird flu outbreak.
And The Economist has a eulogy to Margaret Thatcher and Thatcherism.


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