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The Debate

Venezuela: The death of Chavism? (part 2)

Why did Hugo Chavez's anointed successor blow a double-digit lead in the polls? François Picard's panel argues over whether Venezuela's election signals a fundamental shift for Latin America's left/right divide.

  • Natalia BRANDLER, Venezuelan opposition supporter;
  • James COHEN, Professor of Political Science - Université Paris III Sorbonne Nouvelle;
  • Mayela RIVERO, Paris Coordinator for Venezuelan opposition Mesa de Unida Democratica;
  • Mark WEISBROT, Co-director of the Centre for Economic and Policy Research & co-author of Oliver Stone documentary “South of the Border” (from Washington, DC);
  • Simone BRUNO, France 24 Correspondent (from Bogota).

Watch Part One

Produced by Christopher Davis, Charlotte Prudhomme, David Boratav.

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