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'Terrorism and justice'

INTERNATIONAL PAPERS, Tues. 23/04/13: Canadian papers react to the arrest of two men who were allegedly planning to attack a passenger train in Toronto. Meanwhile, international papers continue to react to the Boston Marathon bombings. The Christian Science Monitor explores what the motive could be and why it’s important to know why the attacks happened. Meanwhile, the Guardian takes a closer look at the role played by social media.



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Some articles from today’s international press review:

LA PRESSE: “Un complot déjoué au Canada”
GLOBE AND MAIL: “Why Canada needs to remain vigilant on terrorism”
GUARDIAN: “The far from madding crowd”
CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR: “Search for motives in Boston bombing: what it means for everyone”
SLATE: “What if Dzhokhar Tsarneav decides not to talk?”


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