The Debate

Karzai's CIA cash (part 2)

Bags of cash delivered monthly to the Afghan National Security Council offered a quick-fix solution in a nation steeped in a tradition of patronage, but François Picard's panel worries that CIA payments may ultimately undermine US efforts to pull out of a stable Afghanistan.

  • Richard BARRETT, Senior Director at the Qatar International Academy for Security Studies, Former MI6 director for counter-terrorism;
  • Fahimeh ROBIOLLE, Conflict resolution consultant and lecturer at Paris business school ESSEC;
  • Patricia LALONDE, Mobilization of Elected Women in Afghanistan (MEWA), Paris representative of the Massoud Foundation;
  • Abdul Hassib SEDIQI, Graduate programme of the French political science institute Sciences Po.

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Produced by Christopher Davis, Mark Thompson, Sara Bertilsson.

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