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Far from Iraq, the Husein family calls San Diego 'home sweet home'


For Enaam Husein, who resettled to San Diego from Iraq a month ago with her husband and daughter, new beginnings involve plans to add an American-born child to the family.



Ten years after the US-led invasion of Iraq in 2003, the human cost of the war remains difficult to measure, even after numerous studies. Besides the casualties – both civilian and military – tens of thousands of people have been permanently disabled and emotionally scarred, while millions of Iraqis have been forced into exile. As many as 80,000 Iraqi refugees fled to the US in the wake of the war.


“My Beloved Enemy” is a web documentary series that focuses on real people, both Iraqi and American, whose lives have been forever changed by the conflict.

Iraqi Enaam Hussein moved to San Diego, California, last month with her husband and daughter, exactly ten years after the beginning of the US-led war on Iraq.

To celebrate the start of their new American life, the Huseins hope to add a new child to the family. Thanks to Kayla Roberts, a social worker, Enaam, who suffered two traumatic abortions in Iraq, has an appointment with a fertility specialist.


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