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Embassy bomb attack foiled, say Egyptian police

Photo: AFP

Egypt’s Interior Ministry said on Saturday that it had detained men belonging to an al Qaeda-linked group who were planning a bomb attack on a foreign embassy in the country.


Interior Minister Mohamed Ibrahim said Saturday that Egyptian security forces had intercepted a terrorist cell linked to al Qaeda that was on the verge of carrying out a suicide attack on a foreign embassy.

“The Interior Ministry was able to direct a successful blow to a terrorist cell that was planning suicide operations,” Ibrahim said during a televised news conference.

The minister did not specify which embassy was being targeted, but named three alleged members of the group.

He said one of the men arrested had been part of al Qaeda in Algeria and had received terrorism training in Pakistan and Iran.

Ibrahim insisted the neutralised cell was not a branch of al Qaeda based in Egypt, but said police had identified links to al Qaeda groups operating in Western Asia.

The detained men had been in possession of statements issued by Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQMI) and 10kg of materials used to make explosives.

(FRANCE24 with wires)

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