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Topless Femen crash far-right rally in Paris

From @Femen_France Twitter account

A group of women belonging to the topless, Ukrainian-born Femen movement on Sunday interrupted a Joan of Arc commemoration which had been organised by far-right groups in central Paris.


The breast-flashing and fist-pumping Femen group struck again in Paris on Sunday, interrupting a rally organised by far-right groups to commemorate Saint Joan of Arc in central Paris.

The four feminists appeared topless – a trademark of the Ukraine-based feminist movement – on a rooftop overlooking the equestrian statue of Joan of Arc in Place des Pyramides, where ultra-conservative Catholics, French royalists, skinhead youths, and other groups had gathered around noon.

The women unravelled a two-story high red and black banner reading “Sextermination for Nazism”, while being admonished with cries of “Femen die” and “Femen whores” from the crowds below.

Joan of Arc, considered a French medieval hero, has become an iconic symbol for far-right groups, including the National Front political party. Sunday was the Catholic saint's feast day.

Femen activists violently clashed with members of far-right groups last November, when, disguised as nuns they infiltrated an anti-gay marriage rally and proceeded to strip down to their underpants in counter-protest.

More recently the group caused outrage by celebrating Pope Benedict's resignation at Notre Dame Cathedral.

The standoff in Paris on Sunday, which lasted around one-half hour, did not end with a physical confrontation. Firemen eventually escorted the women off the building.

(FRANCE24 with wires)

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