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Slovenian banks in trouble: the next domino?

Once dubbed the 'Switzerland of Central Europe', Slovenia is in deep trouble. Behind the crisis are three state-owned banks which have billions of euros in bad loans on their books. We meet Tanja Fajon in the historic heart of Ljubljana, the country’s picturesque capital. A Socialist MEP, she believes the new centre-left government will do what it takes to shore up the country’s battered finances and explains why avoiding a bailout is a matter of pride for this small alpine nation.


Presenter: Christophe Robeet
Editor in chief: Caroline de Camaret
Producer: Julie Dungelhoeff
Reporter: Alix Le Bourdon
Images: Valérie Labonne, Julie Dungelhoeff
Editing: Max Paquereau, Audrey Le Narvor, Philippe Samand

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